Why Hire Mo?

It's not just your Manuscript. It's your Reader's Bliss.

You’ve mastered your story. You’ve developed deep, rich, compelling characters. Created the perfect setting. Crafted your plot to perfection.

You’ve written. And rewritten. And edited. And proofread. And rewritten. And re-edited. And re-proofread. And had your mom, your best friend, and your cat read it.

It’s perfect!

Now what?

Now you send it to me. I’ll help you make it even better.

Because, let’s face it, you’ve been staring at this thing for a really long time. You've read it over and over and over. You’ve memorized entire passages, and rewritten others so many times you’re not sure which version you kept. You’re pretty sure moving those four scenes around didn’t mess with your timeline. And your cat ran it through Spellcheck at least three times.

But . . .

You need another set of eyes. You need someone to read your masterpiece like your reader will.

And, that’s what I do. I read your manuscript with the eyes of your reader, and I tell you what your reader thinks of it. Before your reader gets a hold of it. Before you get that first bad review on Amazon.

And, I do all the other stuff you expect an editor to do. Like checking grammar and spelling. And making sure your main character’s hair doesn’t inexplicably turn from red to blonde in chapter three, and that it didn’t take four days to drive ten miles.

Because readers notice these things. And it bugs them. And you don’t want to bug your readers, do you?

But, you’re nervous. You’ve slaved over this book, and you’ve agonized over how to tell your story in your own voice. And you don’t want some Evil Editor with a Big Fat Red Sharpie slashing away at your manuscript.

Don’t worry. I won’t do that. I don’t even own a red Sharpie. I’ll make suggestions. I’ll point out possible improvements. I’ll highlight the things that are great. And, yes, I’ll fix spelling and grammar and do all of that other stuff that makes writing more readable, while keeping it distinctly “you.”

So reading your book is a pleasure for your reader. Because that’s what you want, right? For your book to be Your Reader’s Bliss.

So, get in touch with me, tell me about your project, and let’s get started.

Chat soon ~ Mo