You have to communicate in writing. We all have to communicate in writing. Even if you thrive on face-to-face interactions, you still have to convey your message in writing or risk losing your audience’s fleeting attention.

You know your product/service like the back of your hand. Your elevator speech is a thing of beauty. In your perfectly crafted presentations, prospects swoon and pull out their Gold Cards. FTF, you’ve got your business covered. In writing . . . not so much. You know what to say, because you say it every day. Now you just need to get that message into writing.

Not everyone is great at it. Not everyone has the knack for carefully crafting a message for meaning, clarity, and connection with readers. Not everyone has the time to drudge through writing copy, much less carefully rereading, and redrafting, and looking up every word that might be misspelled. And, correct grammar and punctuation . . . forget about it. Who knows where to even look that stuff up? (Hint: I do.)

Brochures. Flyers. Newsletters. Your website or blog. Everything that tells your customers, potential customers, and community what you're all about. All in the written word. You need to focus on your message, not your spelling.

You don’t have the time. You don’t have the inclination. And you don’t even particularly like the fine-tuning of writing. You know what you want to say. You’ve got it drafted out. But polishing it up and making it shiny?

You need to outsource this one small task. To me.

So, get in touch with me, tell me about your project, and let’s get started.

Chat soon ~ Mo

P.S. If you want an idea what it will cost, my rates are on my Contact page.