You’re an ideal person. An information lizard. A mustard of quality content production.

See what I did there? Even just one wrong letter can skew your meaning.

Errors kill your credibility. They make your reader want to stop reading. Opt out of your newsletter. Or even (gasp) stop visiting your blog.

You know your stuff. You know the importance of your message to your audience. And sometimes in the flush of creativity, in the rush of getting just the perfect combination of words onto the screen, mistakes creep in. Even when you proofread your own work, they manage to elude you.

You need another set of eyes. You need a blunder buster to catch those pesky errors before they jump off the screen and confuse your audience. Or worse, turn them off entirely. Because once they’re gone, they don’t come back.

Don’t think you need another set of eyes? The proof is in the pudding, as they say, so put me to the test. Send me something you’ve written — up to 500 words — and I’ll give you a free sample edit. I’ll point out places where you might not be quite as clear as you think you are. Spots where your reader may need to back up and take another run before they understand your meaning.

I’ll even tell you what it would cost if you were paying me (not as much as you think). And if I can’t improve your writing by even one word, I’ll pour blessings upon your head and send you on your merry way with my best wishes for success.

But, if you agree that I made it better, even by just one “oh, yeah, I see what you did there,” then seriously think about bringing me on as your Private Consulting Word Guru.

Because you’re a pro. And you need to sound like it.

So, get in touch with me, tell me about your project, and let’s get started.

Chat soon ~ Mo

P.S. If you want an idea what it will cost, my rates are on my Contact page.